Creative Fundraising Ideas

It is a common misunderstanding that fundraisers must stick to using “standard” methods of fundraising when generating funds for their organizations. Creative ideas for church fundraisers fundraising ideas are all the rage today and this guide should provide you with some examples:

General Fundraising

Reverse Raffle – In a standard raffle, people buy tickets, one ticket is drawn and the object is to win the item that is being raffled. In a reverse raffle – a far more creative fundraising idea – everyone attending a certain event is given a raffle ticket as well as the right to sell their ticket. Why would they want to sell their ticket, you might be thinking? Well, organizers of an event would have to pick a “prize” that nobody wants. For instance, the “winner” of this auction (the one whose ticket is picked) might have to kiss a pig in front of the audience. How embarrassing!

Adult Spelling Bee – Here is a particularly creative way to fundraise. Turn on the TV and every once and awhile you’ll see a student spelling bee. We’re all interested, but often the comedic value is lacking. We’re just impressed when we could be both impressed and laughing. That’s where this creative fundraising idea, an adult spelling bee, comes in. Why not get adult volunteers to test their spelling skills on stage in front of a crowd? Sell tickets to the event and, after some expenses (like renting the space if you have to do that), you’re on your way to a hefty sum for your organization).

School Fundraising

Candy Fundraising – At the end of the school year, this creative fundraising idea will allow you to raise money for your organization. As students prepare to depart, sell students candy attached to cards (“Goodbye Candy”) that can then be given to other students with goodbye messages that they add. This idea is sort of like an edible yearbook.